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    2018-2019 New Models Release

    Hi Guys,new models of 2018-2019 have been released,

    Here they are:

    1. New Refraction LED Light Bar

    1.) 5 models are approved by ece R112 and R10,comply to CISPR25 Class 3

    2.) Curved housing,Straight housing,single row,Staight row,Slim/medium/Thick version are for choice,9items

    2.New Design of LED Driving Light

    1.)Rectangle 9'' with postion light,R112 and R10 approved,original design in april 2017.

    2.)GIII Round 7'' and 9'',Black lens,Grill cover,R112 and R10 approved , 5 items

    3.)Square,6'' & 3'' , 4 items

    3.New Reverse Light

    New lens and bracket designed,R23 approved , 3 items

    4.New Work Light

    1.)New mounting brackets,new lens designed , 9 items

    2.)Heavy-Duty version , 3 items

    send your inquiry to info@fskingmoon.com ,thanks.