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    How to source your Chinese suppliers?
    There are hundreds of Chinese factories ,companies in the industry of Vehicle LED Lighting that you can find at the shows or on-line like Alibaba or other B2B platforms,Perhas it always make you confusing that you don’t know who will be the best supplier for you, we hereby have some opinions for your reference ,some thing  you need to consider as below:

    1.Booth at the show,catalogue,website

      Check what they offer at the show,Speciality or wide area?Concepts?New products ?Or popular products? How often you see them at the show? and how many useful information and    details you can have from their booth ,catalogues or website.


    1.) Offering range.

    2.) New models or products with their own style

    In Zhongshan,Foshan,Guangzhou China, lots of raw materials and components  for Specific LED Work Light,LED Light Bar,like Aluminum housing,PC lens,PCB,IC driving ,est. is existing on the market, no need to pay the mould, you can just buy them from different materials factories and and make final assembling with 3-5 workers at your factories, we called them “Moulding-free” factories and products. Moulding-free factories can provide lots of products which is hot and popular in the market only never the products with their own design, for they don’t have R&D team ,no production and others management, no quality warranty.


    1.)Reasonable price, acceptable price

    There are never bottom offer but more lower you will find in china, keep in mind one regualation,different price, different quality. Gross profits of 10-25% is reasonable for us, no one will ask for 30% or more 5% is unsual,but possible, the industrial chain for many industries Like Moulding,Harewares,Plastics,Eletron  is perfect and mature, and most raw materials  or components can be provide by a very short time with no stardards,You can find what you want ,so that some factories are always trying to find any details to reduce their cost in order to get your order in the hard competion,even no quality warranty. Comparing the samples which are impressed by you with their offer, select the suitable one but not the bottom.

    2.)Quality matching price

    4.Samples, Trial orders and order in bulks

    Samples are not all ,in fact, many Chinese companies can offer you the samples as you want even quite a bit beyond what your expecting, as we know, there are hundreds of factories in Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Foshan,Zhongshan who are involving in the industry of LED work Light ,LED Light bar ,LED driving Light, but less than 10 factories can delivery the orders in bulks with stable quality with less defective as the samples which they offer.

    5.Sales and service

    How the sales can solve with your questions and confusions and clear your doubts? And how far they can do that?

    6.Factory's visiting